How we work

NLB Solutions was established as its senior team felt that recruitment had started to become a numbers game. KPI’s, whilst important, were controlling consultants meaning irrelevant CV’s were being sent, candidates being made to go in to interviews without being right for the role and call’s being made when full well knowing there was nothing happening just to increase individuals figures to meet the companies targets, this resulted in a demoralised team and wasting clients time. At NLB we have three key aims with both clients and candidates and these can only be measured through gaining feedback from a party whom engages with one of our consultants; whether it be a client or a candidate.


As a business we will always try to give you and honest assessment of your situation. As a candidate we will detail what you can expect from us and the ever changing market, we will give you updates on what is happening and how we may be able to assist you – if we can’t we will tell you. Post interviewing with us, we will give you feedback on your answers, strengths and any potential weaknesses as we want to place you in the right job and want you to present yourself in a positive light. We are not here simply to place you but we try to consult with you about your prospects, if your requirements are realistic and how and if they can be met in the area in which we work. We will always try to give you feedback, sometimes you will not agree with everything, but once you have met with a client of ours we want to make sure that the next time you interview through us, this information can be used to your advantage.

As a client we will sit and speak with you and help you work out what is required by giving an assessment of your situation through the information you feed us. We will give feedback on specifications and salaries. We use market conditions to present this to you. Sometimes the information will be different to what you expect; however with our years’ of experience in the industry we do try to give an assessment of your requirement in the right way by giving you this information. In turn this hopefully allows us to provide you with the right long term hire for your business

Value Add

Through our extensive experience of working in the industry we believe that NLB and our consultants can add value to a recruitment process.
Our interview process adds immediate value as all candidates must face a strenuous interview prior to coming over to you via e-mail. We aim to complete this process with candidates as soon as possible and both skills and competency based techniques are used. Our questioning and interview process has been formulated over thirty five years’ through our senior teams experience and every consultant who works for NLB will be tested themselves by a member the senior team prior to being released on candidates. Notes will be made on each candidates and feedback will be given. This information will then be made available to clients at representation so you have a brief, not just a CV in front of you.

Our CV’s themselves break down key information for clients so that you know within half a page the key details for each individual we send over to you. Along with our candidate information this allows you to have an opinion prior to looking into their circumstances. The CV will be formatted in an easy to read document and this may mean taking extra time with a candidate however it means less time sifting through irrelevant information which isn’t focused on the role for which you are recruiting.

Additional to the above we give advice on vacancies such as salary advice and specification creation and realisation. This is shaped through our knowledge of the local market and similar roles which we have worked on by looking at what candidates are looking for or are earning in this particular role. We also offer service such as bench marking so you can make sure your team is being rewarded in the right way in comparison to your competitors. Our offering incorporates us looking into your requirements; working with you to find out exactly what you need and how you can formulate your team, as sometimes it is not a direct replacement you require.

As a candidate our additional services include checking in on how your studies are progressing and making sure everything is running smoothly for you. If assistance or advice is needed, we are here to help and we want to help you fulfil the potential you have.


Service is a broad term including all the above but most of all making sure you are happy with how we have worked with you, we need feedback as much as anybody and most of our clients and candidates would say we are different. Meeting both parties concerns is at the top of our agenda and we look to display this to you every time we work with you. Feedback is key to this, as a business we are constantly learning and evolving as are our consultants. We are not lead by numbers but by your response to us and what we have done for you. If somebody comes back to us and tells us we did a good job this forms part of our success as relationships are what we thrive on and keeping these is a priority for anybody who works for NLB.