"Having been a client of NLB from the beginning, we have found them to be friendly, flexible and to adopt a consultative approach to finding suitable candidates. NLB understand the cultural fit that is required, and have been successful in placing with us candidates who have stayed the course and become great assets to our business. I am very happy to recommend NLB."

"NLB Solutions is an independent recruitment agency. This gives them the ability to get to know you as candidate which I was really impressed with. I met with Rupinder over a coffee to chat about me, what I was looking for, opportunities etc. and the interview that I was given was perfect for me and ended up with an offer. Following on from the success of my job through NLB Solutions, I have used them to recruit candidates for me where I currently work which has also worked out really well. This time Rupinder and I talked about the role I was looking for, the current team etc. and again the fit of the candidates was very good. I feel I have a good relationship with Rupinder and his team and would always go to them for recruitment. They have a good understanding of your needs as a candidate and will endeavor to find a suitable role for you."

"NLB Solutions carefully review and select the candidates prior to offering them to us for interview. By doing this NLB have saved us valuable time and effort whilst providing the best candidates available. We have used NLB Solutions to recruit a number of roles, ranging from Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Sales Administration and General Ledger Accountants. They have always been able to provide excellent candidates."

"David at NLB works extensively for our business in providing perfectly matched candidates to our Finance teams. He is reliable and hard-working and pays high attention to Company needs and individual manager requirements, this helps him to stand out from most other agencies in the market. I highly recommend NLB to anyone looking for assistance with recruitment, David is always my first port of call and thoroughly vets all candidates face to face, which is a rare find now within recruitment. NLB can be a great asset to any company."


"NLB Solutions were very helpful and transparent in helping me obtain my role. Their knowledge and thoroughness is second to none in what they does. With NLB Solutions they say it how it is and that's exactly why I would recommend their services to anyone seeking a role."

"After a number of hopeless interviews for badly suited positions elsewhere, David Ketley at NLB Solutions contacted me to discuss a number of roles he was recruiting for. NLB provided me with much appreciated support (even at 8pm on a Friday night!) while maintaining a very thorough and professional approach throughout. Currently enjoying my fantastic new role, very well suited for me – David has placed this extremely well with both client and candidate in mind. I believe NLB have showed great distinction from their competitors and overall provided me with a pleasant job-seeking experience"

"NLB Solutions contacted me with a great opportunity. They understood what I was looking for in my next role. I was very impressed with how informative they were. I was kept up to date with every stage of the process and felt very prepared when it was time for my interview. After my interview I was updated very quickly with how it went, which I appreciated. I'm happy to say I got the job. NLB Solutions are very professional and I would recommend their services."

"Rupinder at NLB Solutions is a thoroughly professional and dedicated individual – His expertise, patience and negotiating skills have helped me tremendously in finding employment after leaving my previous place of work. He is one of the best consultants in his field that I have had the pleasure of dealing with. Rupinder gave me a great experience but most importantly gave me a lot of opportunities each of which had been specifically tailored to myself with plenty of support for each interview. I have no concerns in promoting NLB Solutions services to people in need of work but also to employers as the level of service and consideration I received was second to none"