E-Mail Addresses…

So a well known bank are spending their money or interacting with job seekers now, giving advice to the group, and I have to agree with much of what they have said. My favourite has to be the following after the amount of times I have dished out the advice myself:

I have had a few funny ones over the years, the best being a friends. I won’t mention it all, but basically it ended ‘bimbo@XYZ.com’ and the first thing I said to her was get it changed. I know its small but now if I receive details with such an e-mail and the CV is strong (see my previous post for CV do’s and dont’s) I do make sure I mention that the candidate needs to rectify a potential issue which could hold them back. I know some of these addresses bring back good memories or hold a place in time, and many even get your general e-mails from the never ending list of marketing agencies you never actually signed up for. My advice, keep your funny and timeless email for marketing and companies you don’t need to hear from and set up a serious one for applications, friends, family and the people who matter to you. Because then, you get less junk.

Personally I have four: work, personal, personal accounts and then my 15 year old Hotmail… “studdlechips” – which never gets used but if you want more information on ‘why and what’ you will have to ask me!