National Apprenticeship Week

As some people may know it is currently national apprenticeship week. This week runs from the 5th to the 9th of march. During this week employers and apprentices are coming together to celebrate the success of apprenticeships whilst encouraging even more people to choose an apprenticeship. Apprenticeships have become more popular in recent years partly due to rising university costs and many individuals preferring to have first hand experiences of working and learning on the job whilst earning at the same time.

As an apprentice myself after applying and having accepted offers for university, I felt that after gaining this degree and qualification that I may end up in a career that was not related to the course that I had spent studying. After deciding to seek an apprenticeship I found an administration apprenticeship with NLB solutions. After looking at the website they seemed like a growing and friendly business where I could settle into my first real experience of work.

Having been at NLB for almost a year now I have thoroughly enjoyed my apprenticeship course as well as working with the team here. I have always felt supported and comfortable with asking for help when needed. My confidence has also grown since being here and I feel I’m challenged and pushed to be able to achieve my full potential. As the company continues to expand new opportunities arise for me to develop and learn new skills which will help my growth within work and as a person.