NLB in Copenhagen and a Short 2016 Review

OK; first of all, this is about three months late! Both Rupinder and I have been extremely busy and I’ve just had my first proper holiday in two and a half years! However in February the NLB team went to Copenhagen to celebrate our third year of operation and to thank those that work here for their hard work and commitment.

An overseas trip allowed us to relax and see a new city whilst also discussing how year four would look. Our targets, plans and ideas and everyone was included. We had multiple talks and meetings during this trip (do not worry; it was not all work and no play!) and we all had idea on how we could continue to grow, what support we would need and how best to move NLB forward.

As many of you will know in 2015 after 18 months of operation we initiated our temporary division which took on more work in 2016. With this came the need for more administration and compliance checks. We are extremely strict with regards to compliance therefore it was noted we needed additional assistance with this area. It was also clear that we needed to up our game with regards to general administration, therefore it was decided we would hire an Apprentice. We approached a number of providers but by far an away the best was Oaklands College who found us a star and have continued to support both Charlotte and us throughout this new experience.

We have many more plans for 2017/2018 however these will be kept secret for now. We want to continue to expand; bringing in talented consultants who have the desire, tenacity and drive which is required in a small recruiter in a competitive market. We plan to initiate an Administration desk as well as a focused tempories desk therefore we need those with experience in these areas (If your reading this thinking I can do that, have a look at our Join Us page)

Now to Copenhagen; well we experienced the culture of the Danes and an incredible city. We noted how good their transport system is and how bad ours actually is in comparison! You really don’t need a car there. In total we walked over fifty miles in three days, saw all the major sites and even combated some fears (climbing to the top of the Marble Church), we even found a Church named after St Albans, a little bit of home from home. It was a bit misty and a bit cold but it was good to walk, talk, eat and of course have a few drinks. Of course; we were sold the most expensive bottle of wine one evening but as all sales people know, we are extremely easy to sell to (especially with good alcohol – thank you Rupinder!). All in all it was good to get away with the team. Since that point we have made changes; we continue to try and make this office a good, fun place to work whilst keeping a sense of professionalism and giving our clients the best possible service.

And one more thing, this could occur more than once a year with the incentives we have in place going forward. Targets need to be hit however we believe with the right people these are easily achievable.

Many thanks for your continued support over the last three years and here is to the next three and lets continue growing together.