Year One

Year 1 is now over and after an amazing experience from the day that we started to the end of the financial year, it has been fantastic.

Firstly, let me say a big thank you to all the clients and candidates that we have engaged with in the last year. Without them I would not be in a position to be enjoying recruitment again. The markets have definitely been showing signs of improvement for both employers and employees. This sounds like a bizarre thing to say as recruitment people would like to tell you that it is either an employers or candidate market where either party has more sway in the final outcome. At the moment I believe that there are great opportunities for businesses to get driven and ambitious people to join them whilst candidates have the opportunity to look at a number of opportunities to decide what is best for them in their current circumstances.

This is the best time for all parties concerned to look for what they want as the next part of economic cycle. When I started NLB Solution, I had a mobile, laptop and my dining room table. I was very nervous at how businesses would perceive yet another recruiter in a market that seemed very busy. But, it must be said, everyone I have spoken to has found the honesty and integrity that we approach all aspect of recruitment with as a breath of fresh air. Everyone claims to be unique in this aspect but as someone that has been told on more than one occasion by clients this year, that this is why they use us, I feel that this approach is very under rated by some of our competition.

With a busy 12 months now in the rear view mirror, I can be honest and say that there were some amazing times but also times that I have questioned my own sanity. With the support of David Ketley and Stuart Waters, who both encouraged and helped in the background, I was able to get over the initial humps and concentrate on building professional relationships into long term working relationships that resulted in NLB Solutions, in year one to have placed almost 50 candidates from the April 28th 2014 (the day that my first starter stepped foot into his business) to the end of February 2015.

At times, when calling candidates on Saturdays and Sunday, I wondered if I would ever have a day where I would not put NLB Solutions first. I still check my emails almost hourly over the weekends but have learned that if I do want to work over the weekend, make sure that I limit it to a couple of hours. Firstly, candidates want to have weekends too but also I need to have some time where the pressures of work are not so obvious. This year, I will be having some time away with the kids when I will not be responding to calls or email (thank you David as you will be covering me when I am away!).

The things that I have learned from this year are that people like working with people and not just large corporate businesses. They also want to pay you on time and are happy to support small businesses. The other thing is that sometimes people do have to look out for themselves and sometimes that means that people don’t always move to new roles when opportunities are presented. This is not personal, just treat people the way that you want to be treated yourself. Nothing will change until you put yourself in other people’s shoes and walk that proverbial mile.

Since January, I have had David supporting me in my quest to drive our business forward and I am proud to say that we have this year targeted 110 starters as our objective for this financial year. We are in new offices in Hemel and are looking to build on what I can only describe as an experience that is unrivalled in my professional career.